Abdominal #23

Clinical Data: 44-year-old patient with stomach pain and belching

Showing USG of the upper abdomen (stomach)

Showing Upper GI contrast study

Showing Abdomen CT:

Describe the findings in detail

Describe the findings in detail

US: Small capacity partially distensible stomach with appreciable wall thickening

·The stomach is not distended adequately
·A narrow lumen identified
·The normal mucosal fold pattern is distorted, thickened, and nodular

CT Scan:
·Small calcification in spleen
·No diverticulae
·No lymph nodes
·No ascites

Differential diagnosis includes:

Differential diagnosis

(1) Neoplastic
·Gastric adenocarcinoma (scirrhous)
(2) Lymphoma
(3) Diffuse gastric diverticula (rare)
(4) Inflammatory
·Granulomatous disease
(5) Scarring (e.g., Ingestion of corrosives)
(6) Gastric amyloidosis

What is your provisional diagnosis?

Provisional diagnosis

Linitis plastica
Linitis plastica is the term attributed to the specific appearances of the stomach.
The stomach is small, non-distensible with a diffusely thickened wall, the appearance referred to as like a traditional water bottle.
The underlying cause is almost always a scirrhous adenocarcinoma with diffuse submucosal infiltration, which contributes to the thickening and rigidity to the stomach wall observed on CT or endoscopy.

Gastric lymphoma


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