Neuroradiology #26 – Long case

Where is the abnormality?

Right temporal lobe

What is it like?

Effacement of the temporal horn of the right lateral ventricle and subtle hypodensity within the right temporal lobe

What would you do next?

CT with contrast and MRI

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What are the MRI signal characteristics?

High-signal intensity lesion on FLAIR with significant edema and mass effect. Ring enhancement on post-contrast images

8 thoughts on “Neuroradiology #26 – Long case

  1. CT-Hypodense lesion in the left temporal lobe .rim enhancement on post contrast.

    Mri- Flair — hyperintensity .
    Post contrast thick shaggy wall enhancing lesion with perilesional edema.

    D/d: tuberculoma
    Cystic mets

  2. T1 Hypointense rim enhancing lesion seen in grey- white junction with peri lesional edema seen in right temporal lobe – Giant tuberculoma.

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