Dr. Pepe Case 139 – Webinar

Dear Friends,

Presenting PA chest radiograph of a 57-year-old woman with dyspnea and  fever.

What would be your diagnosis?
1. Lobar collapse
2. Pneumonia
3. Unilateral pulmonary edema
4. Any of the above

You have one week to post your answers. The correct answer will be given during the webinar of Wednesday 3 at 12:30 P.M.
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9 thoughts on “Dr. Pepe Case 139 – Webinar

  1. evidence of left upper lobe collapse.. decrease left lung volume, veil like opacity over the left lung with suspected left pleural effusion.
    also there is consolidation in the right middle lobe. CT chest to evaluate left upper lobe lesions.

  2. Left upper lobe collapse with elevation of left diaphragm, veil sign and air crescent. Left pleural effusion. Endobronchial tumor or mucus?
    Next step CT

  3. Moderate to gross left pleural effusion with contralateral mediastinal shift.
    Underlying consolidation and passive atelectasis can be there.

  4. Hello!!

    There’s a left pleural effusion and we can see the Damoiseau curve, but there is a left diffuse veil of the left hemithorax. We can´t delimitate the left cardiac silhouette and there is a tracheal and cardiac displacement towards the right side… The left bronchus is horizontalized and cut off probably because of a consolidation/atelectasis of the LUL with an important pleural effusion and passive atelectasis on the right middle lobe…

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