Musculoskeletal #15 – Flashcard

This is the third and last case of the musculoskeletal series. Check the first one and second one on this blog.

What do you see on the following images?

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Osteoblastoma: Osteoblastoma is histologically similar to osteoid osteoma but they are larger (usually accepted more than 1 cm), often involving the posterior column

Neuroradiology #14 – Flashcard

Regarding the following images:

Differential diagnosis includes…


What is the most likely diagnosis?

Diagnosis:Lhermitte-Duclos disease
Hyperintense right cerebellar lesion with preserved cortical striations. No enhancement on post-contrast images. 

Musculoskeletal #1 – Flashcard

Images of a CT bone window are shown.

What do you see?

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Paget’s disease of the skull

1. Mixed lytic and sclerotic lesions of the skull (cotton wool appearance).
2. Widening of the diploic space.
3. Frontal bone enlargement giving the appearance of the Tam o’Shanter hat

Tam o’Shanter hat