ECR2020 – Question of the day #2 – Winner announced

We dare you to solve one of the hardest questions of the EDiR examination!
The European Board of Radiology raffles amongst the winners an examination place for the EDiR during 2021.

70-year-old woman with cough and dyspnea.
What is the most likely diagnosis?

Please, click here to enter your answer. Solve the question before 13:30 CEST

Winner will be announced here, on the EBR blog, at 14:00 CEST

Good luck!

The winner of the Question of the day is


8 thoughts on “ECR2020 – Question of the day #2 – Winner announced

  1. What is the solution to question #2?

    and is there a reason why former questions (e.g. from a year ago) aren’t visible?

    1. The correct answer is Bezoar.
      The reason why the old “Question of the Day” are not visible anymore is because the system we use to select post the contest and automatically select the winner only keep the questions available for a short period of time after the contest is finish. Let me know if you are interested in knowing the older ones so we can try to make them available again 🙂

      1. brief question: I used my full name when I send the question not being aware that it will be seen online: is it possible to delete my post or change int Initials, e.g. “MM”?


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